Monthly Archives: November 2012

What I’m doing tonight

Reasons why I run

  • It’s ‘me’ time.
  • Runners-high.
  • The feeling of being fierce.
  • The faces on the people when you tell them you’re a runner.
  • It’s my escape.
  • It’s the closest thing to flying.
  • Because the soreness in the morning feels so good.
  • It’s good for my body.
  • It’s good for my soul.
  • Running in the rain makes me feel free.
  • Because of that one power song.
  • The victory of the last hill.
  • Colorful sneakers.
  • Cute running clothes.
  • Because it makes me stronger, inside and out.

Relaxing Weekend

I look forward to the weekend because I get to do a good workout with no time restrictions and I usually hit the gym with my friend whose gym is pure golden luxurious palace in comparison to my little hut of a gym! So I done the following:

Saturday: Legs/ Abs

Squats with barbell 4×10 reps + (now pushing a max of 50kg now with 6 reps)

Deadlifts 3×10 (max of 35kg, sure I could go to 40kg)

Alternating step back lunges 3x1min

Jump wood chops 3x1min

Side lunge with rotation 3x1min

Russian twist 3x1min

Crazy ivans 3x1min

Kick downs 3x1min

Sunday: Run. Legs feeling like lead from previous session, ran about 6k run but positive it was 7k as was running for about 45mins but my garmin stopped midway – so lost a chunk of my run :-(

So its Monday today and this is how Im feeling …

My legs are still mashed but pain is only temporary! I should do back/biceps tonight but know its gonna be a hard session so will try and syke myself up for it. Workout for the week is looking like so;

Monday: Shoulders

Tuesday: Swim

Wednesday: Rest (love rest days and feel better for it)

Thursday: Back/ biceps

Friday: Cardio/ Legs/ Abs/ Triceps

Saturday: Run

Sunday: Rest