Close run campaign

Yesterday, the candidates sprinted through battleground states in preparation for today. A very big day in the States, which affects us all, UK especially as we are their biggest ally. More than 100 million Americans will cast their vote. Has Obama earned a second term or is Romney a sufficiently competent replacement? Obama seems like a people’s person, everyone seems to be able to relate to him. He’s a family man, he’s strong, he’s seems true to his word and has interests outside of presidency (basketball and golf). Obama leads Romney in early voters, which means Romney must perform better among voters who actually head to the polls today. Obama is favoured among the young, gay, lesbian, women and non-white whilst Romney is popular among the white and old. 

Romney on the other hand, hopes that his background in business can help him convince voters that he is the man to manage America’s economic recovery. To win the Republican party nomination Romney had to convince primary voters of the authenticity and depth of his conservative principles, and to overcome scepticism about his Mormon faith. He also wants to persuade them to overlook his liberal record as governor of Massachusetts, mostly a Democratic state. He also said that Obama had let America down during his four years in office, criticising his economic record and his foreign policy – especially after four Americans were killed in a terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, in September. As such Romney convincingly won the first presidential debate. Weeks earlier he was criticised after the emergence of a secretly taped recording in which he said 47% of Americans as dependent on the state.

I think we know who will win. 

My highlight is Obama having Jay-Z campaign for him in Ohio while Romney had Kid Rock!

#99problemsbutmittaintone #obama


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