Summer 2012 (part 3)

Surprise night – I was given strict instructions of where to go (Embankment at 7pm) but none about what to wear. This has got to be a girls worst nightmare – its definitely mine. What does she wear when she does not know where she is going? Must not look overdressed but must not be underdressed either! I went for the casual smart look and opted for my favourite green guess pastel coloured jeans, a camisole, threw on my leather jacket, some heels and was good to go. I tried to show my friend my favourite fish restaurant called Livebait, which was on the strand, but it has closed down. I will miss it. Unless I make the mission to Waterloo. Anyways, my friend casually wanders into The Lyceum Theatre (next door to Livebait)….im like…..hold on….dont we need tickets….friends like……i do……i was like OMG…….

The play itself was just how I remembered from watching the films. Having been my little brothers favourite film when he was younger, I knew it very well (including the songs – which I was singing along to). The acting had me on the edge of my seat at times, so enthralled in the story. This is a line up of the cast…


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