Summer 2012 (part 4)

Skipping forward to a more recent event, (and probably doesn’t fall into summer as it was freeeeezing) my Nike Run To The Beat Half Marathon. Having got the running bug as ran loads of 5k and 10k races, it was definitely time to push myself to the next challenge and conquer my first ever half marathon. This would be the furthest I have ever run. I was all excited and in true jaya organisation style began following a training plan that would get me across the finish line in 1:45:00. This however, I sacked off because I kept missing sessions. I then followed a gruelling 2 week “tapering” plan, which consisted of 3/4 mile runs about 4 times a week, rest days and carb loading (my fav bit!). The first 6 miles of the race was fun, but began to get tough, cold and boring at times. The route was through the mean streets of South London, old shops and no crowds to cheer and support us. By mile 10, you need all the support you can get. I resorted to hi-fiveing little kids that were sticking their hands out. Race gels and powerade also helped me to the finish line. All in all, a great experience, with a final time of 2:01:38, aiming for sub 2 hours next time :-)


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