Who else is excited about Obama’s victory over Republican Romney??? He won by around 2 million more votes! The world can continue without falling apart even more! Having just watched his victory speech, full of American cliches, determination, passion and life. I asked a colleague at work if Obama memorised his speech as he was not reading from anything? The reply was, he probably did! What a sik guy! You can see how pissed off Romney is in his fake smile concession speech and not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted. Is this the victory speech he had prepared? 

But not everyone will be pleased to see Obama re-elected. Obama’s win will not be good for:

  • Iran – nuclear ambitions
  • China – unfair trade practices
  • Afghanistan – do the troops come home? and how many will stay?
  • Pakistan – strikes on their territory, especially after Osama was killed
  • Latin America – legalisation of Marijuana
  • Russia – unhappy with US plans for a missile defence shield in Europe

All that aside, I wish the UK were as patriotic and excited about election day when it happens here. I didn’t even bother to exercise my right to vote (feminists will hate me) and was probably more interested in the US election than my own country. Could it be the fact that Americans were allowed to vote in hairdressers and bowling alleys? I think UK should try this approach.


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