Summer 2012 (part 5)

Just realised I haven’t added a summer post today. As I’m sick with a sore throat which is stopping me from sleeping (its now 1.30am and I’ve gargled with salt water and swallowed half of it, so may die a short and sudden death and also made countless hot drinks but nothings working?! help! somebody :-() anyway I shall continue with my entry.

So another surprise awaited and it was kind of let out the bag but nevertheless was all still exciting for me as I had never been to a cricket match before, let a lone lords! We headed down to the venue and got our tickets about 9am! As the game didn’t start till 11am we grabbed a Starbucks chilled and watched England cricket team warming up! Sitting in our seats when the game had began I hadn’t a clue what was going on. My friend was very patient and explained countless times but I seemed to just switch off. I’m more of a doer when it comes to sports, rather than watching. It’s kind of a slow game that takes a while to get going too. I understood the bit about waving my card in the air when England got a 4 or 6. That was fun. The weather brightened up and was sunnier too so we got our tan on. We were rooting for England the whole way and it was a close game but they lost it towards the end. Great experience and could definitely see myself getting into this :-p


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