Something for the weekend

I hope you’re thinking what I’m thinking – from the minute I woke up this morning – TGIF!!! I am literally living for the weekends at the moment, even though I don’t seem to be doing much with them these days! Mental note to self: must make some plans to look forward to and get me through the winter – only 266 days to go till summer!!!

I think I made myself sick by putting my body through a lot in short space of time (half marathon and triathlon) and general lack of clothing when I leave my house. So my weekend will be spent drinking hot drinks, laying underneath a blanket, napping, in front of the tv, with chocolate, popcorn, and anything else and anyone that cares to look after me/ keep me company. I will drag myself to the gym though, in an effort to ‘sweat it out’ and will probably sneak in a run or a swim too.

How will you stay active this weekend?


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