Train like a beast …look like a beauty

So half my weekend was spent wallowing in self pity relaxing under my blanket watching DVDs. I got through Dear John, Toy Story 3D and The Hangover which cheered me up so I picked myself up, put on my new bright peach nike training pants and decided to hit the gym and done the following:

Saturday: Chest/ Shoulders/ Abs

  • Chest press 3×10
  • Clean & press 4×10
  • Shoulder press 3×10
  • Kettlebell upright row 4×15
  • Sumo squat w/lateral raise with dumbells 3×12
  • Single lift deadlift fly reverse with dumbells 3×10
  • Russian twists (3mins)
  • Crazy Ivans (3mins)
  • Plank (3mins)
  • Bicycles (3mins)

Sunday: Legs/ Triceps

  • Squats with barbell 5×10
  • Seated leg press 5×12
  • Leg extension 4×10
  • Triceps Dips Assisted 3×10
  • Triceps Cable Press Downs 3×10

My workout plan for the rest of the week is looking like this:
Monday: Abs/ Core
Tuesday: Cardio
Wednesday: Back/ Biceps
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Shoulders/ Abs
Sunday: Legs/ Triceps/ Boxing – opted for a 7k run instead

As its Diwali and New Year and Bhai Beej this week, my diet will be probably be totally out of control as I love indian sweets too much lol so if I can stick to the above plan at the least I’ll be quite pleased ;-)

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