Weekend workout

After 2 days in a row rest from training and feeling like a fatty I had to make up for it on the weekend.

Saturday: Shoulders/ Abs

  • Chest press 3×10
  • Shoulder press 3×10
  • Clean & press 4×10
  • Kettlebell upright row 4×12
  • Sumo squat w/lateral raise with dumbells 3×12
  • Single lift deadlift fly reverse with dumbells 3×10
  • Russian twists (3mins)
  • Crazy Ivans (3mins)
  • Toe Touches (3mins)
  • Crunches (3mins)
  • Side Crunches (3mins)
Then went for dinner at this lovely country pub in Totteridge called The Orange Tree. I remember going The Orange Tree loads at uni in Loughborough (not sure if they are related), but this one is much nicer and didn’t stink of beer and sick. Lovely food (although the table opposite us complained having found a hair in their food!), service, atmosphere and location. We sat by the log fire and it was nice and cosy for the winter. Will definitely be returning :-)

Sunday: Cardio

  • 7k run in about 40mins

My workout for the rest of the week will look something like this:

Monday: Legs/ Triceps

Tuesday: Abs/ Rest

Wednesday: Swim

Thursday: Back/ Biceps(skipped this session, something else came up :-o)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Shoulders/ Abs(replaces this session with legs)

Sunday: Run (6k run)


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