Summer 2012 (part 6)

For those wondering where my Summer updates have gone – here is the next part! (I was just keeping you all in suspense :-P) 

Another summer surprise was in store for me. Travelling towards Greenwich on the tube I was thinking cable car, perhaps a concert, but we were about to do the walk across the roof of the 02 Arena. We were given a safety prep and told how to put on our dashing blue climbing suits (see pic below) and harnesses. They needed someone to lead the group so I kindly nominated my friend (to his disgrace haha). We began the ascent which was like climbing up a springy and sloping trampoline. Our harness was hooked to a central cable of strong steel, so nobody was in danger of falling off! The group leader was storming ahead and forgot to wait for the group instructor so he got told off! Whilst I kept giggling a nervous giggly laugh thinking I cant believe Im doing this. We got to the middle, which is a viewing platform area, where we can unhook ourselves and take in some of the views of London; Canary Wharf, Shard, Olympic Stadium, Cable Cars, etc.

Then it was time for the descent, we let some keeno take the lead this time. This was probably the hardest bit as you feel like you want to run down but as you gain speed and momentum will probably end up falling flat on your face lol so it was all very controlled but still loads of fun. Would definitely recommend it, especially at night time


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