One of those days

Found it difficult to motivate myself to do any workouts this weekend as didnt have a good week in the gym last week. Struggled with weights (back session mainly) and its hard when you think you might be taking a step back. Anyways I pushed myself to go for a run (i know im good at running) on Saturday by piling on the layers as it was cold and chilly but no such thing as bad weather. It wasnt as muddy as the previous week so my socks stayed dry which was a warming and lovely feeling :-)

Its hard as hell to keep yourself motivated during the winter months even if you are the strongest willed and most determined person on this planet and have set yourself goals, even the strongest person has their tough days. There is intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation and goals must be SMART

S – smart

M – measurable

A – achievable

R – realistic

T – time related

Hulls theory below demonstrates a linear relationship between performance and drive. Meaning at low levels of drive, performance is low and performance only increases with an increase in drive. 

Put simply; performance = habit x drive (im clearly lacking on the drive bit)

Its all encompassing as you have to eat the right foods (and im quite hard on myself) leave work on time so I can get to the gym on time, set training plans, give yourself a rest day as this is part of training so your muscles and body can recover, but I get so restless at home on rest days and feel like I should be in the gym trying to get closer to my targets. I have taken random weeks off training before and makes me feel so much better. I eat what I want, slob around, knowing that I will hit the gym the following week and come back 10x stronger. Maybe thats what I need. The only thing that will make me take a week off, is if i go on holiday to get out of this routine. Even then, I’ll probably sneak in a run or two :-p

Maybe I need another hobby for my rest day…..any suggestions?


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