Onwards and upwards

Having said that, I had a pretty good workout yesterday. And this is how i was feeling


This is what i done;

Monday: Shoulders

Shoulder press 4×10

Single leg deadlift with fly reverse 3×10

Sumo squat w/lat raise 3×10

Upright kettlebell row 3×15

Kettlebell lunge to snatch 3×10

Russian Twists for 3mins for the abs to burn

Tuesday: feeling lazy and lacking self motivation so will drag myself to a “body pump” class …this is a non-impact, resistance-training class, which utilises barbells and adjustable weights helping to improve muscular strength & endurance.

Wednesday: Rest/ light swim. Actually dedicated a session to abs as working to improve this area. 1 minute of each. 3x sets.

  • Toe touches with medicine ball
  • Turkish get ups with 5kg dumbell
  • Alternating froggers
  • Lunge with torso rotation with 5kg dumbell
  • Full extension with medicine ball
  • Plank with medicine ball crunch
  • V ups
  • Crunch circuit
  • Side crunch with kicks
  • Hip lifts (for a butt burner!)

Feeling this already, be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow.

Thursday: Back/ Biceps

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Legs/ Abs

Sunday: Run (45mins)


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