Christmas in London

We took to the ice rink on Friday before Christmas for some wintery fun at the beautiful venue that is Somerset House! Was quite eager to get out on the ice, waiting by the door while the ice truck goes round and preps the ice, but as soon as they opened I was scared and didnt want to go! I just went out there and squashed my fear quite quickly and I was skating round quite quickly, trying hard not to crash into anyone and hoping nobody would crash into me! I fell once when we were going round but I could not get up for the life of me, sliding everywhere, then some random stranger helped me up. And I fell again right at the end, the ice marshalls were telling everyone to get off the ice as our session was over but we defied them and kept going round muuuaaahhahahaaha (my evil laugh) we were going so fast that when I stopped I fell right on bum and still got some bruising as proof!




We went into town for my brothers birthday on Christmas eve and Covent Garden was looking real pretty.



until next christmas! x


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