Happy New Year!!! 2013 is here…

The new year is generally time to try new things and set new goals but here are few things that made my 2012 so amazing…


  • April; Trained Super Natural with Katy B at Westfield London. Find the pics here
  • April; Started writing a diary and enjoyed writing again (since uni)
  • June; Went to see The Lion King, read about it here
  • June; Began weight training
  • August; Went to the biggest sporting event of the year – The Olympics!
  • August; Went to my first cricket match, read about it here
  • August; Went to my uncles paralympic torch bearer walk, read about it here
  • October; Ran my first half marathon in a time of 2:01:28, read about it here
  • October; In order to achieve a goal I set mid 2012 which was to put on some weight I had to reduce my running. This graph really shows how much I’ve cut down. From running as much as 5x a week and 100kms a month down to once a week and 20kms a month. This is a big achievement mentally for me, as I love to run lots but proved to myself I dont have to do it everyday. I havent actually put on much weight as the weights I am lifting have turned fat into muscle so its all balanced out and I’m now focusing on weights 3x a week and aiming to run 2x a week.


in 2012, I totalled 102 runs and 741kms (460 miles) with an avg distance of 7.3k.

  • November; Started this blog
  • November; Completed my first triathlon
  • November; Done my first unassisted weights session, read about it here
  • December; Squat lifted 50kg

Goals and general things I’d like to try/ continue for 2013;

  • Reading
  • Have fun
  • Practice frugality
  • Crush my PB for a 10k run
  • Weight training – upper body strength particularly (unassisted pull ups)
  • Run more races and get more medals
  • Work powerplates and TRX into my training
  • Donate old running trainers to Africa/ India
  • Occasionally run without my garmin watch
  • Sort my finances and spending habits out

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