Race Report: Cliveden Cross Country 10k

So we made it through the hardest week of the year, and back on the rat race and into work, gym, sleep, repeat routine. Having had some rest from training over Christmas which was nice I wish I could say I was all rested and raring to hit training but on January 6th at the crack of dawn 10am we ran the Cliveden 10k Cross Country. Cliveden is a beautiful peaceful periodic house that Churchill, Chaplin and Roosevelt all visited, so couldn’t resist returning to run around the woods surrounding this amazing picturesque house. Check out the house and its grounds here

We got there and the organisation was lovely. In our tired state we weren’t the most prepared runners, but the volunteers were very helpful. The race registration on the morning of the race, in the orangery, went smoothly (they even provided safety pins!)  It was chilly so most people were just keen to start and that’s what happened right at 10am.  


Cliveden runners just setting off on their 10k run

The route was well marked and lots of marshals along the paths shouting words of encouragement and directing us around sharp bends (making sure we didn’t fall into the river). It took a very nice route through the woods and fields then a longer lap that included a run along the river.


The lovely 172 steps that we had to climb – twice!


Mid race snap!

I finished in a respectable time and broke my personal best worst time of 59:22 for a 10k, but this was very hilly in some parts, not to mention those killer steps! 


We got a running bottle as a momentum, although would have preferred some medal bling! The real value in this race though was the organisation and volunteers who were up early on the first Sunday of the New Year and made this a great race for everyone. Would highly recommend it as a great way to start the year as you mean to go on. 

That’s one race down, onto my next one. I’m eyeing up this one


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