First full week of the year is nearly over

Anyone else feel like its been January for ages?


The first full week of January has nearly passed us by and the top two searched for things on google are;

  1. new jobs
  2. holidays

Both of which I am guilty of and actually booked a little getaway today – so nice to have something to look forward to!

Actually thought it would be a good time to check in on some goals I set myself here

Goals and general things I’d like to try/ continue for 2013;

  • Reading – definitely doing this and on Chapter 6 of Shantaram
  • Have fun – can tick off 3 things on her to do list (+ 1 on my mental to do list ;-p)
  • Practice frugality – this is in full force, I havent bought anything so far (bar my holiday!)
  • Crush my PB for a 10k run – in progress
  • Weight training – upper body strength particularly (unassisted pull ups) – in progress
  • Run more races and get more medals – already completed my first race of the year
  • Work powerplates and TRX into my training – in progress
  • Donate old running trainers to Africa/ India – in progress
  • Occasionally run without my garmin watch – may do this tonight
  • Sort my finances and spending habits out – deffos getting this back on track (goal number 3 is strongly correlated to this!)

Are you working towards your goals too?


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