Snowy Run

Pretty much all of England was covered in snow this weekend. Thanks to Russia! But that didn’t stop me from going for a run. That and the fact I suffer from acute insomnia. Heading out for a snow run at 8am meant I had to dress appropriately – for once in my life. I decided to wear a nike base layer, my long sleeved nike training top with long sleeves and thumb holes (my fav piece of running gear) find it here, my nike long running rights, my thin nike waterproof running jacket, followed by thicker nike running jacket – yes 4 layers! Sporting my Team GB headband from the Olympics, two pairs of socks and my nike lunarglides! I was ready to run in the snow!

Running snow attire

Running snow attire

Watch me go

Watch me go

I ventured out and warmed up while my Garmin was locating my GPS position. I think it was surprised to be woken so early too! I planned to do a 30 min run which I thought was quite brave of me given the arctic and near death running environment. As soon as my Garmin beeped, I was off. Crunching through the snow and lifting my feet high so as to slam back down into the snow and get a good footing. It was quite cold and the freezing wind hitting your face when you are running proved difficult to get used to. It wasn’t long before my face and toes were frozen, but bit the frozen bullet. The only satisfying bit being cars passing by with drivers saying “look at that runner” (in a jealous tone) wishing they were running too. After a few laps of the park both big and small and I was ready to head back, where hot chocolate and porridge was waiting to warm me up.

Snow Run Route

Snow Run Route

I know bed is warm, but pick a park and go running right now.


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