Birthday surprise part 1

This weekend was another baking one as it was my dads birthday and he requested a Victoria sponge. This time round, I thought I would follow a slightly different recipe, one by my favourite and the very well known baker Mary Berry.

Mary Berry! Isn't she fab!

Mary Berry! Isn’t she fab!

She does the great british bake off and god knows how she is still so tiny after baking for so many years. She is an inspiration and if I can bake even a tiny bit as good as she can I would be over the moon!

The outcome: it was a lovely spongey sponge and could have been filled with more mascarpone but the health freak in me didn’t want to make it any more fattening. But I have learnt to go all the way now. It kind of stopped being healthy when I added half a bag of sugar and a whole block of butter! Icing sugar was dusted on top and chocolate chips carefully placed on top spelling out ‘Dad, Happy Bday’. It was enjoyed by everyone and then it was time for us to leave and head to what I was told was “Part 1 of my birthday surprise!” According to tiffany’s “Surprises lift romance to stratospheric heights”, those heights mostly being a panic of what to wear. All I was told is
• We have to leave at 9pm
• We have to get there at 10pm
• It starts at 11pm
• Ill be home at 2am

What could it be? I ruled out dinner and theatre as these have earlier start times and as we arrived in Piccadilly Circus my guesses were still running thin as I literally had no clue. Next minute I know we are walking into comedy club.

Guaranteed to make you laugh

Guaranteed to make you laugh

This was funny in itself because I had actually guessed this in the run up to the event but my friend said my guess was wrong – so on I kept guessing. When all along I was right! I’m always a bit apprehensive about these things because its difficult to make me laugh. If I don’t get your joke I wont laugh for the sake of it lol. But the line up was great
• Ian stone; joked around politics and jews
• Lee nelson; quite child like and dresses like a chav, joked about his kids and family life
• Funny Canadian bloke; joked around Brits and family life

All in all a fun day of birthday celebrations and this weekend we are going to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. He has around 4 surprises so will let you know how they go. The suspense is killing me as I have been keeping it a secret for 4 months!


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