Windsor Picnic

For once, the weather was lovely, unheard of for a bank holiday in England. We made use of the extra day by taking the family to Windsor for a picnic. After a hot sweaty but traffic free (albeit the horse show traffic we encountered when we arrived) drive we arrived and laid out our picnic blankets.

picnic time with castle views

picnic time with castle views

our mummies

our mummies

After lapping up the sunshine, we got out all our picnic goodies and had a nice big lunch in the sun. There were dogs, birds, runners and kids all having fun in the sun too. After eating, we took a stroll one hour walk to the deer sanctuary. There were so many of them and we could see them slowly strolling over to graze on a new field. We had a stroll along the river thames too with ice creams in our hands. It was an enjoyable, chilled out day, loved by all. Its so easy to sit at home, waste the day away and not really accomplish anything, so plan ahead, have an open mind and make things happen. Take pictures and savour the memories forever.

river thames views

river thames views

same shot a year on

the same shot a year on!

Its weird how quickly time flies. It doesnt stand still for anyone or anything. It will still pass, if you do nothing, so you may as well make use of the time and do something as you will never get it back right? Wrong. Sometimes, you need to do nothing – just to let your body relax. Doing nothing for me, is where I am physically doing nothing ie. reading or blogging or watching a movie (as I am sitting down). As I workout and am quite active a lot of the time, its quite nice to sit and do nothing to recover. This picture is basically the same shot, a year on, and depicts what I am trying to explain. The same two people, but have done so much between, learnt so much about each other and still make use of their time when they are together or apart. So make more plans with people who you are close to and cherish time together.


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