Sunset Champagne

Wednesday after work we headed to the Gherkin for some champagne at the top.  My family and I have been in love with the Gherkin buliding ever since my brother got down on one knee and made an honest woman of his girlfriend! So I fittingly jumped at the chance (a time out voucher) to get up there as it is an exclusive bar, usually reserved for private members.  Rajiv and I enjoyed champagne and cocktails as the sun set. The food is overpriced delicious (note the small portions: a quick stop at nandos on the way home to fill up was needed) and having waited 45 minutes for it to arrive, we were pleased when the staff gave it to us on the house. It really is the coolest bar in London, that said, we could see everyone enjoying Sushisamba on the top of the Heron Tower, so that might be next on our list…

Wonky champagne panarama vision

Wonky champagne panarama vision


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