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New Beginnings

So my friend has moved to Chicago from the UK and gosh am I so excited for her! Im sharing her first blog with you…


It’s taken 3 weeks for things to finally start calming down after moving to Chicago! So here’s a rather succinct post about how it went down…

After 8 and a half hours flight time, we finally touch down in the USA and it had been snowing.


We grab a cab into the city and quickly check-in at our temporary hotel accommodation before making our way to the bank. Fast-forward a few hours of faffing and we leave with a shiny blue debit card each. Success! We then made our way up to the office and had a quick chat with some colleagues before John started unwrapping all of his pre-arrival deliveries from Amazon and the like. I started not to feel too well but put it down to jet-lag as we made our way back to the hotel.

It wasn’t jet-lag. I was ill. We battled on the next few days…

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