Monthly Archives: November 2014

Treadmill HIIT

I used to do a lot of running but i started to find pounding the streets everyday quite boring. Especially once Rajiv and I had finished competing in various races, there was no need for our long practice runs any longer. I turned to boxercise and spin classes to replace the lack of running. However, after about a month i realised i was losing too much weight. I am small as it is, so this wasn’t good. Although i really enjoyed the social and fun aspect of my classes, I find putting on weight through good nutrition plan and correct training very difficult, so you can imagine how upset i was when i realised I had lost 2kg. Losing this amount of weight in a month is most girls’  dream but this is my worst nightmare, along with most bodybuilders!

My new plan is strict – one cardio session a week. This is very difficult for me to stick to as all i used to do was run but it is a change in thinking i am a slowly adapting to. My new weekly cardio sessions vary from plyometrics to calisthenics to treadmill HIIT sessions.

I will share with you what i did today:

  • Uphill side steps 1 minute each side
  • Uphill walking lunges 1 minute
  • Uphill jog 1 minute
  • Run at moderate pace for 3 minutes
  • Sprint 30 seconds 2x
  • Repeat for 30 – 40 minutes
  • Finisher: walk uphill 3 minutes

I love the side stepping and the walking lunges – they are both excellent alternatives to running (although you may get some funny looks on the treadmill) and will get you sweating in no time. This plan allows you to rest with the moderate pace run at 3 minutes so its not too invasive. You can increase the incline and speed as your body starts to get used to this to keep challenging yourself.

Eat your oats and hit the treadmill!