Ice Skating Double Date

Every year we have been ice skating at Somerset House (note to self to try other skate rinks from next year) but this year was still special as we went with friends and it is sponsored by Fortnum & Mason. After loading up our energy levels from a cute little thai restaurant, we headed down to Somerset House. But before skating – lets shop! Fortnum & Mason have created a wonderful little Christmas Arcade filled with lots of special Christmas gifts – if you want to avoid the crowds at Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly, this is the place to go. Before we knew it, we were wobbling around on the ice! It became evident quite quickly the level of skating amongst us. Rajiv & Chandni were gliding along the ice whislt and Varun and I teetered along. It was fun going round and doing laps, taking in the beautiful scenery. People were going in all the same direction and I witnessed a few falls, but the ice rink attendants were organised and disruption to fellow skaters was minimal. Christmas trees filled with gigantic baubles, colourful lighting and club music made the night much more festive and enjoyable. We warmed up with some delicious treats from the Fortnums Lodge – Chocolossus (Fortnums ultimate hot chocolate with chocolate shaving and whipped cream with marshmallows on the side) and sugar dusted mince pies.


If you’re keen to try some skating, then check out Skate at Somerset House open until 11th January 2015.


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