City and Colour

A while ago, Rajiv and I had a mini holiday in London and have finally managed to put this blog together about everything we got up to

We began by venturing into town and seeing an amazing building I had never seen before – the British Museum. We saw lots of interesting old Egyptian artefacts (rosetta stone, tombs and hyroglyphics) and some boring naked Greek people. We saw Africa too and I was drawn by the throwing knives – so lethal and sharp.

rosetta stone, a scarab (boy didnt know what this was?!), the amount of pills an average person would take in their lifetime and african throwing knives

rosetta stone, a scarab (boy didnt know what this was?!), the amount of pills an average person would take in their lifetime and african throwing knives

We toured on the Greenwich cable cars. This was exciting and the views of London were amazing. We were lucky enough to get a private car (these usually cost around £80). Sharing our own car was quite special and romantic – I got excited about what I could recognise from the London skyline, while Rajiv took some photos. Would definitely recommend this, even as a cute date idea. North Greenwich (jubilee line) is the closest tube station and its open 7 days a week. We also had a mooch around The Tate Modern and looked at some Picasso et al. We had some time to spare before dinner so we popped into Ice Bar.  We were given these large blue jackets with some thermal gloves attached. It really is ICE cold in here and we were not going to last long so we downed our drinks before we turned into ice and left before our 40min slot was over. Another couple left immediately after us so we didn’t feel like the only pansies.

cold as ice!

cold as ice!

American diner for dinner – Bodeans. If you havent been before and you like your meat check it out. Be warned they do not take bookings and are always very busy so rock up early, around 6pm, if you want to be seated for 7.30! We arrived at 7.20pm and the waiting time for a table was 1.5 – 2 hours! They have two sections – 1. a proper restaurant downstairs and 2. a quick, self service, pay and eat (similar to nandos) situated upstairs. We had a tasty BBQ chicken with ribs, slaw and chips served on a roasting tray. Great American feel to the restaurant with frozen meat you can buy and cook at home. The Basketball game was on tv and there was lots of memorabilia. Next time, we will be sitting in the booths downstairs.

Doing touristy type stuff in our own country felt a little strange but it was super fun. A proper holiday with sun and water is looming but you can easily make alternative plans. So if my pictures are making you feel like that, then…Call the person you love. Choose a date. Go online and book a holiday. Its never the right time. There are always important things to do at home. At some point you just have to go. I can tell you right now, you will never regret it. As my wise friend Nick once said to me “you’re not going to lie on your deathbed wishing you spent less time with the man you love”.


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