Time to get back on track

The first week of January is over – are you struggling to stick to your new years resolutions? With the summer being only six months away, its time for some post Christmas damage control. We all broke our health and fitness routine over the festive period but if you are struggling to find the strength to say hello to the gym again (although there seem to be plenty of turkeys who have joined my gym) or break through your 2014 plateau, here is how to get back on track.

In With The New

Take advantage of the January sales and revamp your gym wardrobe to help to motivate you to make an appearance in the gym. Whenever I wear new clothes to the gym, I feel like how I used to feel in school when I had the latest Jane Norman carrier bag and no one else did. Treat yourself to a new pair of trainers or a running jacket to help get your foot through the door. I generally buy gym gear all year round but they are still considered purchases as I love nike and they are not the cheapest. Having said that, their clothes are worth it, thats why I don’t mind paying a little extra. You are paying for the comfort, style and durability. These are a few things on my nike gym wish list. These reflective leggings, even though I barely run these days and definitely no longer run outside, these are just tres cool. Also lusting after this hoody. If you spent the past year doing the same workouts week in and week out, its time for you to switch it up a little bit. Why don’t you try a new exercise class or take up a sport? This year I will be signing up to Pilates and yoga classes and planning my own circuit training sessions.

Detox your Cupboards and Fridge

If you haven’t managed to plough your way through your never ending stack of Christmas treats, then it is tough luck as it’s time to say goodbye to the Terry’s Chocolate Orange’s and the Quality Street tins. By now your Quality Street tin is probably just full of greens and blues which no one eats unless they are desperate, so let it go! It would be wrong to throw away food so off load your treats on to someone else, or take them in to work and you will soon be crowned employee of the week. Stock your fridge with lots of fresh meat, vegetables and fruit and plan your meals in advance to help prevent spontaneous binging sessions. The cupboards in my house have always been stacked high with chocolate, biscuits and other sweet meats but we learnt from a very young age the art of self-control and knowing what we are/are not allowed to eat. So having ‘bad’ things in my house, doesn’t really tempt me.

Find new Friends

Make friends with people who have the same health and fitness goals as you. Getting to know people who want to achieve the same things as you do will help you to stay on track and learn more about health and fitness. Matheus Galante and Rajiv Mehta are my go to boys and I have really hit the jackpot with these two. Matheus Galante is an amazing PT and can definitely recommend him (though he is moving to Australia to follow his dream of becoming a footballer). He has put me through my paces, pushed me till breaking point and taught me how to push my boundaries.  Rajiv Mehta introduced me to weight lifting, nutritious eating and creating a training plan to target specific muscles each day of the week. I am in the best shape I have ever been and would never go back to my old life of a) eating junk and b) running for endless miles. I can talk to them about the days where I have smashed my gym session and the days where I have smashed through a box of Jaffa cakes. We may have different individual goals but we are always there to support and encourage each other in working towards having a healthy body and a happy mind! If you don’t have anyone to train with in the gym, follow fitness accounts on Instagram and Twitter and get to know the personalities behind the food that they post. Social media is a great way to communicate with people so use it to find new fitness friends and E gym buddies, to help you get back on track and stay on track.


One thought on “Time to get back on track

  1. Lerease

    Completely agree! Think for me I just run out of ideas on what to cook / prepare for lunch at times and can only eat the exact same thing two days in a row… but have been following lots of instagram accounts.


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