The MAN-icure

Guest Entry

Recently I had a manicure. Nothing too strange with that you may be thinking – except for the fact  that, well…. I’m a boy.

My experience of it was surprisingly enjoyable. Never once had I considered ‘having one done’ – being hitherto barely cognisant of the difference with a pedicure. [Note to self – the word ‘manicure’ derives from Latin: manus for ‘hands’, cura for ‘care’]

The beautician Jaya immediately put my concerns aside – no my nails were not going to resemble a girls afterwards, no they would not be painted and yes, men do have them too!

The process itself essentially consisted of filing and shaping of the cuticles (the dead skin at the top of the nail), cutting/filing of the nail itself, finished with a massage of the hand and nails. For girls the procedure is more intensive and can involve further treatments/painting/applying jewels/God knows what. Various interesting little tools were pulled out to my shock – the best advice is, as ever,  to relax.

Overall the experience was a calming one, almost like a haircut. It is very therapeutic to have someone who clearly knows what they are doing  pay attention to an area so commonly neglected. I would recommend my beautician to anyone – she will patiently answer your questions, and describe exactly the purpose and process of each treatment. All in the comfort of your own home for a price that cannot be beaten.

I see manicures for men as a pleasant luxury, to be indulged in occasionally. Self-  maintenance with nail clippers/scissors often results in a rough, jagged look and most men are not in touch with their inner cuticles and emery boards. In a society of excessive male grooming, the occasional manicure is by no means out of place. It will simply will give you nice, even nails, with no dead skin and make you feel good!


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