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It’s been a long time coming…

This weekend it was my mum’s birthday, being the baker in the house, she put in her order a week in advance, of the cake she would like me to make her – a victoria sponge. After a good gym session, some food, a much needed nap and a last minute decision to scrap the car I was going to buy :-( I set out to bake :-)

Gathering up all my ingredients for the cake, I began to follow these instructions . I’ve made Vicky sponge before, it is one the favourites in my house and made a beasty looking one for my eldest brothers 26th birthday with strawberries and cream in the middle and chocolates on top.

2 layered Beasty Vicky sponge

2 layered Beasty Vicky sponge

I began measuring the flour first as its the main ingredient but instructions say you need to mix sugar and butter first. Pay attention baker! So after telling myself off I do exactly what the recipe says. Using my new Cook’s digital scales that my little brother got me for Christmas too. I found these scales really made a difference as they are so much more precise than just using your eye and thinking “yeah that looks like its on 75g”.

Pink weighing scales :-)

My pink weighing scales :-)

My sponge mixture was made and ready to put in the oven. The recipe says to cook for 20-25mins but once we smelt cake, after 20mins exactly, we took it out the oven to cool down. I struggled to get the cakes out of the tins (they were greased) but with some help from my commis chef we got them onto a wire rack to cool.

I was supposed to be making a double layer sponge cake like shown in the recipe, but it smelt and looked so yummy we decided to have 1 layer on Sunday and 1 on Monday. We applied the toppings of mascarpone cheese, strawberries and grated dark chocolate on top to finish it off. It went down well with a weird film and some indian tea.


Victoria Sponge on Sunday

And this is the what we had on Monday (my mums birthday). The same toppings were used with the addition of grated almonds and candles.

Real birthday cake

Real birthday cake

I will be making not one but two marble cakes next week, so watch this space for more on that.

Are you doing any baking soon?