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New Year, New Blog

I started blogging a few months ago in November 2012. Documenting some of the many events over my most amazing summer ever and current activities too. I seem to find writing quite enjoyable and fun even though my grammar is not the best! I don’t talk all lar dee dar and I guess that comes across in how I write too.¬†Currently half way through a literary masterpiece called Shantaram, which is so descriptive but its hard to incorporate that into your own writing, unless you are writing about something amazing. Nevertheless,¬†I would like to try and get better at writing, that was the intention of starting this blog. Someone once told me “the act of writing down your thoughts is good in itself”, so I wont get too caught up on the vocab. Seeming as I’ve been a regular blogger, I thought I’d move over to a more advanced blogging platform. I’ve migrated all my previous blogs too so everything is still all in one place. Here’s to more blogging in 2013 :-)